Invented Frequently Asked Questions

With FANCY, you can have custom pages, look at this FAQ!

Q: What is FANCY?
A: A CMS for the normal Jack or Jill that needs a ready made website.

Q: Will there be a multi user FANCY?
A: Actually, the initial design of Fancy is as a multi-user weblog + profile site, but then decided to make it a personal website instead. So, maybe.

Q: What does FANCY stand for?
A: Nothing yet. It's just a fancy name I thought of.

Q: Is FANCY supposed to be user friendly?
A: Yes.

Q: It's not very easy to use.
A: It's not? Then you better mail me some suggestions for the sake of all the Jack and Jill's out there. The contact link is in the navigation bar on your right.

Q: Why the heck is the navigational bar on the other side of the screen?
A: A design Psychology of design philosophy- The controls are on the right, your mouse is probably there too. Don't you feel more in control? And besides, it looks better right? (The contact link is in the navigation bar on your right)./

Q: It doesen't work!
A: Again, you know where the contact form is. Also, you need to have a php capable hosting provider.

Q: Is this site FANCY powered?
A: Yes it is!

Q: I want a feature!
A: Ok, the Contact form is located in the panel at the right.

Q: How can I do it so people won't be able to use the contact form?
A: Go to your admin section and turn it off.

Q: Same with the guestbook?
A: Yes, same with the guestbook.